LA Swan Consulting LLC | Pricing Chart
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Pricing Chart

Compare Monthly Packages for QuickBooks Online

Service Entrepreneur Small Business Premium Business
Entry of transactions (a transaction is one check, one credit card charge, one vendor bill, one customer invoice, one sales receipt or one cash expense) checkmark
up to 50
up to 125
up to 250
Connection of QuickBooks Online to online banking and credit cards checkmark checkmark checkmark
Reconciliation of bank or credit card accounts checkmark
up to 3
up to 6
up to 8
Link to Square, PayPal or other merchant account for auto-download checkmark checkmark checkmark
Prepare monthly balance sheet and profit & loss statements and reports checkmark checkmark checkmark
Process vendor payments utilizing online banking checkmark
up to 15
up to 30
Client invoice or sales receipt creation checkmark
up to 15
up to 30
Prepare monthly accounts payable and accounts receivable reports checkmark checkmark
Management review of books checkmark
Process Payroll for up to 5 employees (payroll fees are additional) available for a extra fee available for a extra fee checkmark
Preparation of year-end tax package for CPA and file 1099s (e-filing fees extra) available for a extra fee checkmark checkmark
COST PER MONTH (with auto-debt from bank account each month)
Additional $10 per month to be invoiced or pay on own terms.