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  • It can be tempting to cut and run when you quit a job – especially if you’re leaving a particularly nasty situation. But if you have an investment account tied up with that employer, it’s important to transfer those funds as soon as possible. Rolling over a 401(k) is relatively easy, but there are a […]
  • Once upon a time, job hopping was seen as unprofessional and unnecessary. In fact, it was relatively common to spend your entire career working for one employer, gradually working your way up the company ranks and receiving regular pay raises along the way. But these days, maintaining an upward career trajectory usually requires a little […]
  • Buying your first house might be the biggest financial investment that you’ve ever made to this point in your life, and possibly the most complicated. In addition to determining if you’re making a sound financial investment, owning your home is just as much an emotional decision. That’s because where you choose to live affects things […]
  • It’s no secret that the cost of college has increased faster than the rate of inflation for many years. According to The College Board, inflation-adjusted tuition at four-year, public universities has increased 158% between 1991-92 to 2021-22. So while it may have been easier for previous generations to pay for college with scholarships and a […]
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  • I am 53 years old. Never in my life have I allowed myself to buy a car I truly love…until now. This is the story of how I allowed myself to make a huge purchase just for the joy of it. And it wasn't even a purchase I'd intended to make. Let me explain. During […]
  • I've changed the way I shop over the past few years. And although the shift has been subtle, I've found that I'm much happier with the things I buy. In the past, my approach to shopping was simple. If I wanted a new thneed, I would go to a store (or, with the advent of […]
  • It's always fun to unearth some esoteric piece of personal-finance history. I know there are only a few nerds out there who care (hello, Grant Sabatier!), but those of us who care really care. Two years ago, I published an article exploring the history of financial independence in which I noted that the earliest reference […]
  • It's Sunday morning as I write this, and my weeklong adventure at Fincon 2022 in Orlando has come to an end. I'm exhausted. As has become customary, I didn't actually attend any workshops or keynotes or breakout sessions here at Fincon. Instead, I spent the entire week connecting with friends: I enjoyed chatting with Rob […]