LA Swan Consulting LLC | Professional Services Accounting
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Professional Services Accounting

LA Swan Consulting LLC has been assisting local small businesses with their bookkeeping and accounting for 10+ years. We are familiar with payroll for employees, 1099’s for independent contractors, service contracts, vendor file preparation, and client invoicing. We can provide your business with the tools you need to manage your finances

and Bookkeeping services we can provide:
  • Manage day-to-day processing of A/R and A/P, data entry, vendor bills, deposits, general ledgers, and accounting entry
  • Provide reports, data entry, verify accounting records, filing
  • Develop and manage the annual or monthly budget and monitor cash flow
  • Manage payroll and with online and offline timekeeping systems
  • Reconcile monthly bank statements and credit cards statements, including review of unauthorized purchases, lost checks or deposits, and unidentified transactions
  • Oversee and manage vendor and client contracts on a monthly basis or as needed
  • Coordinate and manage client budgets for projects
  • Invoice clients monthly, or on a schedule of your choosing, including preparing reimbursable invoices and service invoices as required
  • Tax compliance and preparing documents for sales tax, business license tax, personal property tax, and various industry specific tax filings
  • Generate monthly, quarterly, and year-end reports for the business
  • Oversee business insurance policies
  • Prepare yearly 1099’s and W-2’s
  • Organized and prepare any tax related requirements and coordinate with outside CPA firms
  • Serve as a liaison with all outside vendors, as required